Interactive Web Maps

Listed below are interactive web-based maps available for download from VTrans. These maps have capabilities and features not normally associated with paper maps, like panning and zooming, and identifying features by clicking on them.

Vermont Emergency Management (VEM) Preliminary Damage Assessment Map
This map indicates the preliminary damage severity for a given natural disaster event, selected by the date of the event.

Vermont Online Geodetic Information System (VOLGIS)
VOLGIS is a web-based, GIS application that allows users to search for, and retrieve geodetic control information using a graphical interface.

Vermont Statewide Park and Ride Lots
Vermont has many Park and Rides located throughout the state making it easier to carpool or vanpool to your destination.

Vermont Travel Information 511
Vermont's 511 system. Provides current travel-related information.

VTrans Current Maintenance Districts
This map displays the current boundaries and route extensions for VTrans' maintenance districts.

VTrans' Digital Print Room
VTrans' Digital Print Room (DPR) is the agency archival system for large format documents and imagery. It contains historic project plans, inventory photos, subsurface reports, etc.

VTrans Litter Picking
In support of Vermont's Green Up effort, we released a web map for Year-to-Date VTrans Litter Picking Activities. This map shows where VTrans Operations staff has been picking up litter, and the how much litter was picked. Click on the green lines for details.

VTrans Project Information
This map provides project status information pertaining to Agency projects.

VTrans Route Logs (Straight-Line Diagrams)
Our Mapping Unit folks have begun to release VTrans' latest route logs. We have created an associated web map for selecting Route Logs. Route logs, also known as straight-line diagrams, are depictions of a given section of highway as it would look if the section were straightened out. This depiction method helps VTrans staff and engineers see the relationship of various pieces of information, like road widths, curves and grades, and historic projects. By clicking on the orange lines, you find the route code and mileage for a given segment, the town it belongs to, and how many pages there are associated with that segment's route log, and a link to the associated route log. you can also review the entire collection of route logs on our FTP Server.

VTrans Small Culvert Inventory
A Map of culverts under six feet in diameter, collected in the small culvert inventory.

VTrans Subsurface Investigations
This map displays the location of subsurface investigations performed by VTrans.

VTransparency is an on-line tool designed to help Vermonters easily access information regarding pavement condition, bridges, engineering projects, and highway maintenance along interstate and state highways. Whether a bridge or roadway is in fine shape, being designed for improvement or under construction, VTransparency allows users to access information about transportation assets they will find useful.