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VTrans 511 Event Listing

Below is a listing of current countywide road conditions.

There are no countywide reports at this time.

Below is a listing of the current events in VTrans 511 system, listed by route, in order by town. This means for a given route, you are seeing all the events in the order in which you would arrive at them, starting at the beginning of the route. Note that a lack of end mileage means this is an event at a single point.

I 89Berlin47.37Montpelier8/25/2014 11:50:10 PMConstructionPaving project in progress on I-89 between Exits 6 and Exits 8 on the Northbound side. Project is expected to run through mid-October. Traffic will be reduced to one lane. Expect some minor delays.
I 89Richmond78Colchester916/6/2014 12:33:21 PMConstructionPaving Project continues on I-89 Northbound from Richmond to Colchester. Paving of southbound on/off ramps. Some line striping is also taking place in the Richmond area. Project hours are from 7:00PM to 6:00AM. Multiple work zones.
I 89Milton101.81/31/2014 1:10:29 PMConstructionWork has begun on replacement of both north and southbound bridges on I-89 in Milton at MM 101.8 (Over the Lamoille River). As project moves forward there may be lane closures during off-peak traffic hours.
I 89Milton101.8Milton12/1/2013ConstructionWork has begun on replacement of both north and southbound bridges on I-89 in Milton at MM 101.8 (Over the Lamoille River). As project moves forward there may be lane closures during off-peak traffic hours.
I89 I10 Ramp D SB ONWaterbury0Waterbury0.1739/30/2014 7:05:59 AMInfoI-89 Exit 10 Waterbury SB onramp will have the ramp narrowed up with a new spur being constructed. This ramp will be 13' in width, so trucks will have issues navigating this due to radius of the curve. Use caution, and delays are possible.
I89 I14 Ramp B SB OFFSouth Burlington0South Burlington0.2528/22/2014 2:48:34 PMInfoThe I-89 Exit 14E Off Ramp will be closed for paving (weather permitting) from 1130PM on 8/27 to 2AM on 8/28. Motorist will be detoured to Exit 13.
I89 I14 Ramp D SB ONSouth Burlington0South Burlington0.2298/22/2014 2:25:53 PMInfoI-89 Exit 14 SB on Ramp from US 2 westbound will be closed 9PM-1130PM for paving 8/27. Detour via Exit 15. Paving is weather permitting.
I 91Brattleboro10Brattleboro117/22/2013 10:34:58 AMConstructionBridge Replacement on I-91 in Brattleboro between Exits 2 and 3. Northbound traffic has been relocated onto the Southbound Bridge. Lane closure and reduced speed. Delays during peak traffic volume.
I 91Brattleboro10Brattleboro118/8/2014 3:18:48 PMInfoDelays likely on I-91 between Exits 2 and 3 both north and southbound during the weekend due to high traffic volume traveling through the Brattleboro Bridge Project. NB Friday afternoon and SB Sunday. Alternate Route US 5.
I 91Windsor55.14/2/2014 11:43:10 AMConstructionBridge Removal and Replacement on I-91 NB in Windsor at MM 55.1. Northbound traffic is reduced to one lane via a crossover into the southbound lane. Rolling road blocks at various times through September which will result in short delays.
I 91St. Johnsbury128.307Lyndon1374/10/2014 11:08:56 AMConstructionPaving project on I-91 between Exit 20-St. Johnsbury & Exit 23 Lyndonville. Paving is now complete. Crews will be installing rumble strips throughout the project along with line striping in the next few weeks.
Bellows Falls - Bridge St.Rockingham0.249/20/2013 1:02:59 PMClosedThe Vilas Bridge (In New Hampshire) across the Ct. River from NH-12/NH-123 to Bridge Street (Bellows Falls, VT) is closed for repair work. The bridge is expected to be closed until sometime in 2015. Detour via the Arch Bridge off of Rockingham Street.
NSH-9030 BERLINBerlin1.4Berlin1.58/1/2014 6:00:00 AMConstructionBridge joint replacement on Berlin State Highway downhill ONLY to US 302. Narrow lane, speed restriction of 20 MPH, and delays are likely. Use caution.
US 2Burlington0.8South Burlington0.26/3/2014 3:08:58 PMConstructionUS 2 in South Burlington (Williston Rd) will begin realignment from East Ave. to the ramps of I-89 by the Sheraton Hotel. Delays likely. Shut down in winter is expected.
US 2Richmond1.1Richmond1.24/21/2014 11:04:48 AMConstructionRichmond Park and Ride Project is near complete. Miscellaneous and general cleanup work continues with limited traffic control on US Route 2.
US 2Waterbury3.78Waterbury3.797/14/2014 11:51:33 AMConstructionConstruction of the new Waterbury Roundabout has begun, and is expected to last into the Fall. Effective 8/11 expect new traffic pattern for Route 100 traffic. Other construction activities in progress. Use caution - delays.
US 2Waterbury4.19/5/2014 1:08:45 PMInfoStowe Street in Waterbury Village will undergo sidewalk reconstruction from the area of Thatcher Brook School to Lincoln Street beginning 09/08/14 and ending October 3rd. Expect alternating one-way traffic, flaggers and delays.
US 2Danville1.649/3/2014 1:45:11 PMConstructionBridge work/Rehab to take place on US Route 2 in Danville over Joe's Brook near the Intersection of Route 15. Project includes Bridge Deck and sidewalk repair and repaving. Expect flaggers, temporary traffic signal and short delays.
US 4Hartford0.644Hartford0.8148/7/2014 12:13:20 PMConstructionCulvert replacement begins 08/11/14 on US 4 in Hartford just east of the Hartland T/L and will conclude July of 2015. Single lane traffic at times during daytime work hours. Flagger present with a reduced speed limit of 35MPH.
US 5Hartland3.6Hartland3.758/18/2014ConstructionBridge maintenace work (Bridge 62A) on US-5 in Hartland between I-91 Exits 9 & 10. Paving has been completed but the bridge will be reduced to one lane starting 09/18/14 for painting and other construction activities.
US 5Hartland5.8Hartland5.96/17/2014 7:00:00 AMConstructionBridge maintenance work (Bridge 66) on US-5 in Hartland between I-91 Exits 9 & 10. Flaggers present. Expect delays.
US 5Ryegate3.65Ryegate3.757/30/2014 5:53:17 PMConstructionCulvert replacement begins 08/04/14 on Route 5 in Ryegate just north of Papermill Road. Expect alternating one-way traffic and temporary traffic control until detour is in place. Project extends into 2016.
US 5St. Johnsbury4Lyndon24/28/2014 8:40:21 PMConstructionPaving Project - Project is near complete. Paving of driveway aprons and miscellaneous line striping continues. Minor delays possible.
US 5Lyndon3.68/18/2014 6:51:24 AMConstructionBr 144 on US 5 in Lyndonville will have deck work taking place. Some delays possible, use caution.
US 5Lyndon6.58/18/2014 6:54:48 AMConstructionBr.147 on US 5 in Lyndonville will have deck work taking place. One lane of traffic with signals. Use caution.
VT 9Marlboro8.15/5/2014 10:04:09 PMConstructionBridge Replacement - Route 9 in Marlboro just west of the Brattleboro Town Line. All traffic will be detoured onto a temporary bridge. Short delays with flaggers present.
VT 11Chester0.029/8/2014 8:36:37 AMConstructionVT 11 in Chester is having a box culvert replaced. Expect one lane closures with traffic lights. Delays likely.
VT 12Elmore3.5Morristown3.3076/23/2014 7:40:50 AMConstructionPaving Project on Route 12 from Micklin Farm Road in Elmore for a distance of 6.6 miles to Demars Road in Morristown. First layer of pavement to be installed in Elmore Village and then working south. Single lane traffic with delays.
VT 14Royalton1.29/23/2014 7:58:14 AMInfoVT 14 in Royalton will be CLOSED for culvert replacement on Oct. 14 from 730am to 6pm, just south of Dairy Hill Rd. Seek alternate route that day. Prep work prior to closure will result in some one lane traffic.
VT 14Royalton7.5Royalton7/30/2014 5:22:12 PMConstructionBridge replacement is taking place on Route 14 in Royalton on two structures. 1; (B28) located just north of Morse Road and 2; (B27) located about a half mile south of Waterman Road. Two-way detour with some one-way traffic during work hours.
VT 14Barre Town2.26/27/2014ConstructionBox Culvert replacement will take place on VT-14 in Barre Town in the Jockey Hollow area. A two-lane detour is in place. Expect flaggers and possible short delays.
VT 15Hyde Park2.46/27/2014 2:13:45 PMConstructionBridge (culvert) replacement will take place on Route 15 in Hyde Park just west of the Morristown T/L near Centerville Road. The project is expected to last into June of 2015. Expect flaggers to be present with short delays.
VT 65Brookfield39/24/2014ClosedThe "Floating Bridge" on Route 65 (Across Sunset Lake) is closed to all traffic. Construction on the new bridge is now underway. Seek alternate route.
VT 66Randolph0.3Randolph7.6219/16/2014 11:03:11 PMConstructionRoute 66 Roadway Rehabilitation begins and will extend into August of 2015 with a winter shutdown. Project runs from Hedding Drive in Randolph to the Route 14 Intersection. Includes paving preperation, drainage, guradrails and related work.
VT 73Rochester8.7825/12/2014 2:40:27 PMConstructionRT 73 Rochester the temporary bridge at the Jct of RT 73 and RT 100 will be replaced. Long term project with signals, lane reductions until approx. 9/30/14, and delays likely. Use caution.
VT 78Swanton7.384Sheldon1.8038/20/2014 12:14:13 PMConstructionPaving operations to take place on VT 78 from Swanton to Sheldon. Some delays possible.
VT 100Wardsboro3Jamaica27/3/2014 5:14:07 PMConstructionRoad improvement to include resurfacing, pavement markings, guardrail and drainage work. Replacement of two culverts within the work zone as well. Expect one-way traffic at times with flaggers present and short delays.
VT 100Plymouth3.05Plymouth3.29/2/2014 6:46:10 AMConstructionSlope work on VT 100 in Plymouth, alternating one way traffic. Some delays possible.
VT 100Pittsfield3.55/5/2014 10:09:20 PMConstructionBridge Replacement - Route 100 in Pittsfield 3 miles south of the Route 107 Intersection. Some short term lane closures with flaggers present.
VT 100Stockbridge1.99/19/2014 5:50:54 PMInfoNew Traffic Pattern - The Intersection of Route 100 and 107 will change from a "Y" to a "T" intersection effective the week of 09/22/14. Route 100 southbound traffic will now have to come to a stop before entering Route 107 westbound. New Traffic signs
VT 100Waitsfield2.422Moretown1.2279/4/2014 10:08:33 PMConstructionPaving project and related work on Route 100 from Waitsfield near the Intersection of Route 17 north to the Intersection of Route 2 in Moretown. Expect flaggers, alternating one-way traffic, reduced speed and delays.
VT 105Richford0Richford56/27/2014 2:35:03 PMConstructionPaving project to take place on Route 105 in Richford Village and extending to the Canadian Border. Work includes cold planing, sidewalk/curbing work, new drainage and paving. Expect traffic control and short delays.
VT 105Jay0.68Troy0.219/26/2014ConstructionRoad Improvement Project begins 09/29/14. Ditching, slope and culvert work between Jay and Troy on VT 105 starts now with paving to begin next year. Flaggers and lane closures in multiple work zones. Delays possible.
VT 107Stockbridge0Bethel1.56/30/2014 4:00:00 AMConstructionRoadway Improvement Project on Route 107 from Bethel to Stockbridge in progress. Drive with caution due to loose gravel and grooved road surface. Blasting at times in the Stockbridge area. Expect delays.
VT 108Enosburg0Enosburg56/27/2014 2:29:00 PMConstructionPaving project will begin 06/30/14 in Enosburg on Route 108 for a distance of about 5 miles. Work will include cold planing, paving, new curbing and drainage. Expect flaggers, temporary traffic control and short delays.
VT 111Morgan0.962Brighton0.1378/12/2014 6:28:37 AMConstructionPaving of VT RT 111 from Morgan to Brighton. Some delays possible.
VT 113Thetford8.7735/28/2014 10:04:33 AMInfoRT 113, the East Thetford Rd over the Conn River, has a new Weight Limit of 15-Tons, and a Single Lane across it due to deterioration. Repairs will be made this summer to put it back to 2 lanes, but weight limit will remain. TRUCKS seek alternate route.
VT 116Bristol3.15Bristol3.210/21/2013 11:14:20 AMConstructionBridge project on Route 116 in Bristol near River Road. Temporary bridge in place. Some alternating one-way traffic will be necessary during the week of 09/08/14 due to road work on both ends of the approach. Delays.
VT 123Westminster0Westminster0.35/2/2014 5:19:43 PMInfoPaving project begins 5/23 on US-5 and Vt-123 in Westminster and continues into September. Expect lane closures and delays. More info to follow.
VT 125Middlebury3Middlebury36/1/2014ConstructionBridge work is taking place on Route 125 in Middlebury near the North Branch Road. The bridge is currently open to traffic however some construction work continues. Caution is advised.

VTrans Winter Road Condition Terminology:

The below definitions are subjective, and are intended only to help you make an informed decision as to whether or not you should travel. When used in conjunction with county-wide reports, it should be noted that within a specific county there will be some roads whose conditions are better and some roads whose conditions are worse than the county-wide condition report. (PLEASE NOTE: Weather-related road conditions are updated as conditions change.)

GOOD: The roadway surface is normal/dry. This condition will generally not impede the normal flow of traffic.

FAIR: This is the result of winter weather conditions, including rain, sleet, snow, frost, drifting, or a mixture causing roadways to become partially or completely covered. The driver may experience periods when the roadway markings may be obscured. The surface may be slick with rain, patchy ice or snow. Such roads will result in reduced traction and driver speeds should be reduced. Moderate blowing and drifting snow along with occasional drifts may be encountered.

DIFFICULT: The roadway is completely covered with precipitation. Accumulation is to the point that the roadway markings are completely obscured making it difficult to differentiate between the roadway and its surroundings. Heavy snowfall, strong winds, heavy ground drifting which reduces visibility, and freezing rain are a few examples of what may cause this condition. Surfaces are slippery and driver speeds should be reduced significantly.

HAZARDOUS/TRAVEL NOT ADVISED: This is a very serious roadway situation that is used when crews are still out performing snow and ice operations but the existing conditions are so treacherous that just being on the roads is dangerous. Ice covered roadways due to freezing rain and near blizzard conditions with visibilities below 1/4 mile are two examples of when this would be used.

CLOSED / IMPASSABLE: Travel is not allowed on a closed roadway. (Emergency and/or Authorized vehicles only)

No Report Available: If the roadway indicates "no report" it means we're waiting for updated information, which should be available soon.