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VTransparency 3.0
VTrans has upgraded its public information portal for maps of our spatial data: pavement, bridges, projects, and highway maintenance. Check out what is currently available, and look for new data to be added often.

VTrans Planned Bridge Closures
Our Structures engineers and project managers have been working to provide information about where Planned Bridge Closures for Upcoming Projects will take place. By clicking on the yellow bridge symbols, you can find out where and when the bridge closure is likely to take place, and where it is available, a link to additional information.

VTrans Route Logs (Straight-Line Diagrams) [BETA]
Our Mapping Unit folks have begun to release VTrans' latest route logs. We have created an associated web map for selecting Route Logs. Route logs, also known as straight-line diagrams, are depictions of a given section of highway as it would look if the section were straightened out. This depiction method helps VTrans staff and engineers see the relationship of various pieces of information, like road widths, curves and grades, and historic projects. By clicking on the orange lines, you find the route code and mileage for a given segment, the town it belongs to, and how many pages there are associated with that segment's route log, and a link to the associated route log. you can also review the entire collection of route logs on our FTP Server.

Vermont Statewide Park and Ride Lots (UPDATED)
We have released a new, format-responsive web map for Vermont Statewide Park and Ride Lots. This map now includes better integration with mobile devices. By clicking on a given park and ride location, you can find out it's size, whether it's lighted/shelter available/bike rack available, which transit providers service it, and other information. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

VTrans Digital Print Room
VTrans' digital archive is now available. The archive is a repository for oversize materials and includes as-built plans, various photos, diagrams, maps, etc. Let us know if you have any questions.

The Online Map Center (OMC) is intended to be the source for VTrans-specific maps at VTrans. From this page, you will be able to access two type of maps, the first are static maps. These maps are image files of paper maps within the Agency. The second type of maps are interactive maps. These maps will allow you to magnify (zoom in/out) areas of interest and/or to identify the main features of the map and see additional information. The data source of all of these maps is VTrans" Geographic Information System (GIS). Our current GIS environment utilizes products from ESRI including ArcGIS Server for our interactive mapping. Please follow the links below to map of interest. Feedback is appreciated.

VTrans' GIS environment is constantly evolving. This site represent the newest iteration in our web map environment. Keep coming back to see what is new.

Note:  If pop-up blocking is enabled in your browser, you may need to turn it off or allow pop-ups for these interfaces. When printing the report from either interface, make sure page orientation is set to "Landscape" to print the report on a single page.

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